Accessing Jobs in Ireland for people from Ukraine

If you are in Ireland under the EU Temporary Protection Directive, you can work, access education and training, and all workplace protections the same as anyone else entitled to work in Ireland.

This website, available in Ukrainian and Russian (click on the language box at the top of the webpage), will provide you with much of the information you might need to get ready for working in Ireland, to apply for a job and to integrate into an Irish workplace.

You can use any of the Pathways for Progress or Open Doors Initiative online training courses or mentoring services to get yourself ready for work or training and you will find the list of currently available jobs at the main Open Doors Initiative webpage here.

Temporary Protection Directive (TPD)

The Government have extended the full protections of the EU Temporary Protection Directive to people coming from the Ukraine to Ireland, including the partners of Ukrainian citizens. Full details are here in English, Ukrainian and Russian. You are entitled to seek employment, self-employment or training in Ireland.

If you have not yet arrived in Ireland, a Government FAQ on what to expect when you come to Ireland might be helpful.

Getting a Personal Public Service Number (PPSN)

You will need this number to access social welfare benefits as soon as you arrive. You will also need this number to give to your employer when you start working. Special arrangements are in place for people coming from Ukraine. See here for information on getting a PPSN.

Opening a Bank Account

A bank account will be necessary to get your social welfare income supports when you arrive, and then any income from your employment. General information about opening a bank account is here and some banks have put special arrangements in place for people coming from Ukraine - Bank of Ireland 
and AIB Bank

Getting Ready for Work in Ireland

This Pathways to Progress website has some toolkits that may help you prepare for work in Ireland. Support to write CVs for an Irish context is available here and in this toolkit. Open Doors Initiative offers mentoring and support to help you prepare your CV and get ready for interviews with an employer in Ireland. 

Contact us from the main website page and we will do our best to help you. 

Recognising Your Qualifications

The EU are currently expanding the provisions of the Temporary Protection Directive to match Ukrainian qualifications to the EU Framework of qualifications, which will allow employers to understand your education and training. Updates will follow as soon as available.

Available Jobs

The Open Doors Initiative highlights available jobs on the Participants section of the main website. These will be updated regularly with all new positions. It will help to mention the Open Doors Initiative in your job application.

Information about public services, healthcare, education and working

The Citizens Information service provide comprehensive information, regularly updated, on your rights and entitlements in Ireland as a person coming from the Ukraine under the TPD, including information on public services, accommodation, social welfare income supports, employment, education and training, and healthcare.

A government guide to living and working in Ireland is available in a number of languages and your rights and protections in the workplace are available from the Workplace Relations Commission.

Business in the Community Ireland have a helpful guide for migrant jobseekers in Ireland.

Other work and training related information

This Pathways for Progress website has a lot of information that might be helpful in preparing for work in an Irish workplace. The website information is available in Ukrainian and Russian – click on the language box at the top of this webpage. And you can contact us with any other questions you may have and we will try to help.

Swift Integration

Swift Integration, a partnership between The Open Community, Positive2Work Skillnet and the Department of Social Protection, aims to support those who have been granted refugee status, subsidiary protection status, or permission to remain in Ireland as they start a new chapter in their life.

They have developed an app which provides clear and concise information designed to empower newcomers to access information and supports that improve cultural integration and employment opportunities. Find out more and download the app.

Other helpful websites 

Other organisations in Ireland are supporting people coming from Ukraine under the TPD, and they may have information that is helpful. 

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