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Please find resource maps below showing information about organisations that provide support to migrants, refugees and people seeking asylum in Ireland. There are two maps showing:

  1. Support Organisations
  2. Public Service Supports.

There is further explanation below the maps if you need further detail or are interested.

Video: If you would like to see a video about how to use the maps - click here.

Using the maps

  • Zoom in & out. Click on any marker on a map for further information & contact details.
  • You can also open the Menu by clicking the icon on the top left  to see a list by county. Expand categories by clicking the down arrow beside 'All Items' per category .
  • You can find you own location by expanding the map using the button at the top right and entering your own address or Eircode in the search.
  • You can filter categories be selecting or de-selecting them  e.g. if you're looking for a particular service like Education, Youth Services, etc.


If you are a support organisation and would like your details listed, please fill out the form - here. For any questions or corrections email:


Showing NGO's and other local and community organisations that have supplied information.

Open the Menu by clicking the icon on the top left  to see a list of organisations by county. 

Direct Map Link

This map is developing and expanding over time, with monthly updates through 2023 as more organisations come on board and more data becomes available. So come back and visit again in case you haven't found what you're looking for the first time.

Important to Note

  • 'Physical Location?' Field Some organisations don't have a physical address to visit but want to be shown on the map. If 'NO. Check Website' is shown for this field - avoid visiting the pin location and be sure to contact via website.
  • 'Online Only?' Field Some organisations only provide services online or remotely, but want to be shown on the map and may offer supports wherever you are. The best way to consider these is to use the menu listing on the left where '_ONLINE' is given before the name.


Showing public, state and general education services in one place.

Open the Menu by clicking the icon on the top left  to see a list of organisations by county. 

Direct Map Link


  1. Fáilte Isteach English Language Classes (Conversational) List
  2. Tusla Child & Family Supports and Welfare List:
  3. Family Resource Centre Centre Locations List
  4. Intreo Centres Employment Support Services (Government) Map List
  5. Local Enterprise Offices (LEO) Business & Employment Supports (Public) Map
  6. Local Development Partnerships Various Supports e.g. Training, Employment Support, Social Map


This project is a collaboration between the Irish Refugee Council and Open Doors Initiative. Both organisations were involved compiling, cleaning and mapping the data. Following a call out for information in January 2023, support organisations participated by completing an online form to submit their data along with consent.

For public services, all information displayed is already publicly available via the host website in each case, with connecting links supplied where they are available. It is hoped that having multiple services listed together here in one place is a useful support for service users.

The map will be updated on a monthly basis (over month end) from April 2023 and for the year of 2023 as more organisations submit information and as more data becomes available. At the time of publishing it is hoped that an updated version of the mapping service will be developed, using the existing data captured and improving usability, filtering functionality, dynamic data population etc.

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